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Blogging Game: Around the Blogosphere

Join in on the fun!
Help write this crazy story.
It will make you smile.


One day, Trisha was outside going for a walk. She really hated to walk, in fact, she downright despised it. This was because………….. She was tired of the nasty old men who would pervertedly let out cacophonous wolf whistles as she would hike down the road. Trisha hated feeling like a sex object, despite her night job as a lap dancer at the local T&A bar.

Working at the T&A Bar, Trisha makes AWESOME Money from the men AND women that wont ever go home. One day Trisha got fed up with the bar and headed to a nudist beach.

Being utterly disgusted by the fat men at the beach, Trisha decided to start a campaign to exile any overweight men, so the beach would no longer be an eyesore. This quest however, ticked off all the wives who thought their hubbys were fat yet fabulous.

So she decided that this was not the place for her. She headed back to her hometown, and on the way she saw a house that was completely decked out in Halloween decor. “It’s only July, for crying out loud!” she thought. This person needs to be taught a lesson. So Trisha decided to….Toliet Paper the guys house to add decorations!! Then the next night, she forked his yard! (She really loves watching his reactions in the morning!!)

He isn’t quite sure what to do with the forks. Well he knows is it’s going to be such a pain to mow the lawn.Trisha is so happy with herself for playing these little pranks that she brags to all her friends about it. She even puts it on her website!

This man/neighbor finds out and comes running over to her house and passes chris in the garage killing black widows. He asks Chris about the angels and the other christmas decor and Chris starts to panic. Not knowing what to say Chris runs inside and grabs Trisha. Trisha says to the man………….

I really didn’t want to be a snitch but I do know who is responsible for it. It was Kim’s crazy neighbor, she thinks the world is ending and the only way to save it is………..

By wearing Tweety socks, like Insane Mama's Grandmother!! While wearing these sock, she believes she is invisible. That is the reason she had decorated his lawn, wearing Tweety socks.The neighbor/guy asks "What is she going to do next?"

Trisha answered, "I don't know, but let's follow her to find out." So they followed the crazy neighbor all the while hiding behind tree trunks and automobiles so they wouldn't be seen. They followed the woman to the big blue house on the corner. They couldn't believe their eyes when the woman . . .

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