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A Big Thank You From Trisha of

"While reaching 100K people is awesome, if not nearly an impossible feat when we started out on this journey, it definitely was not something that we here at MomDot did alone, by any means. I couldn’t possibly start thanking every person individually, because there isn’t even enough time in the day, and I hope I have said thank you to those along the way as they gave up their time, their blog space, their advice, and their creativity.

We have written 825 Posts total on momdot from our preopening till now.

However, I did want to do a few things.

Thank you to those in the beginning that really helped set UP MomDot and get us off the ground. Some of these girls didn’t even know who I was, just some random person on the net, and they still gave up something. No particular order!

1) Whats That Smell
2) I need a Martini
3) Crunchy Green Loving Mom
4) My Quest for Sanity
5) Laura Williams Musings (for our first contest listings)
6) 2 Boys, 1 Princess
7) 5 Minutes for Mom (for front paging our opening)
8 ) Tip Junkie
9) Nothing but Purple
10) Life of a Crazed Mommy
11) Kailani at An Island Life
12) Lee Lou Headers
13) Mamas Losin It

Those that contribute to the amazing content here and without I wouldn’t be able to run a blog at all:
1) Cheaper Than Therapy
2) Prima Crafty Mommy
3) Chic Shopper Chick
4) The Write Gal
5) 3 Garnets 2 Sapphires
6) The Not So Blog, Blog
7) Contest Live
8 ) Life of a Crazed Mommy
9) Chris (my DH, for dancing)

Holding down the Forum
1) The Adventures of the Working Mom
2) All about Kimberly

Momdot Community Bloggers List:
Sweet ‘n’ Sassy Girls
What’s That Smell?
The Adventures of a Working Mom
All About Kimberly
Angelina Mia Bambina
For the Love of Baby!
The Mom Buzz
My Brute Squad
Debateur Debates
Chic Shopper Chick
What Happened to my House?
Waggoner World!
The Not-So-Blog Blog
Life In A House Of Blue
Coming To You From the Land of Ahhhhs…
Momma Cooks Cooking
Leah from Diaries of a Domestic Goddess
Nothing But Purple
Mommas Gone Over the Wall
A Little Bit Nutty
My quest for sanity
The Blog of Finleypotamus and His Little Kierbear
Mom to 3 Angels
Contest Live
Contest Live Blog
Lil’ Booger Bows
Restored 316 designs
Restored Ramblings and Reviews
Robyn’s Online World
Punky Monkey’s
Ohana Mama

Shoutouts to ALL the sponsors, feature boutiques, feature bloggers, and Dottie winners.

My Favorite Mom Dot posts the past few months (that are not from contributors, all of theirs are great, so i would not be able to narrow it down):

My Black Widow
Do you like your Mother in Law?
Do you Plate your DHs food?
What Trends did you have when you were younger?
I am a bad, bad Parent
The Meaning Behind your Blog Name
My Office Project
Hmm, A warning……..or something (read!)
Will Blogging Have an Impact on our Children?
Who are the Bad Moms Like Me?
Videos (btw, special thankyou to trish and sarah for also sending in FF)
Funkalicious Friday Britney Spears
My Family Sucks
Having a Blanket is Interspecies
Funkalicious Friday Disturbia

Ill be doing this again when we reach 500K. Onwards and upwards!!!!!"