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Thursday Thirteen (12th Edition)

Thirteen Similarities Between Buffy the Vampire Slayer and The Samurai Girl

1. They both have been destined to be the “Chosen One” (although in different contexts).
2. They both have two close friends . . . one guy, one girl who help behind the scenes and often need rescuing (Buffy had Xander & Willow and Heaven has Carol & Otto)
3. They both have a friend who is a computer geek (Buffy had Willow and Heaven has Otto).
4. They both have an older British male who acts as a stand-in father figure (Buffy had Giles her watcher and Heaven has Severin a British agent).
5. They both have love interests who are handsome and are lethal weapons (Buffy had Angel and Heaven has Jake).
6. Both love interests also have dark pasts and believe that the girl deserves better than men like themselves (Angel was a ruthless vampire who tortured his victims mentally and physically and Jake was an assassin.
7. Both carry their weapon of choice with them almost everywhere they go (Buffy her stake and Heaven her sword).
8. Both have lost a loved one . . .(Buffy her mother and Heaven her brother)
9. Both had their love interest’s ex-girlfriends return and try to kill them (Buffy had Darla and Heaven had Karen).
10. Both had to make the decision to kill the man they loved (Buffy had to skewer Angel with a sword to save the world and Heaven had to cut Jake’s rope while they were scaling a mountain to save the life of Severin).
11. Both were once innocent pampered princesses who knew nothing of the evils of the world.
12. Both Buffy and Heaven struggle with the responsibility of putting their responsibility for fighting for good above having a normal life as a young woman.
13. Oh, did I mention that both Buffy and Heaven can kick ass in a fight? They are great examples for showing girls that women can be strong and do not have to be victims.

I have to add that their is one huge difference between the two shows. The show Buffy the Vampire Slayer had both light and dark episodes, whereas The Samurai Girl does not seem to have that darkness. Murderous creatures of the night are just scarier than ruthless crimelords even if they do have ninja assassins on their payroll.

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