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The Sproutwells Are At It Again!

Take a look at what The Sproutwells are up to this time . . .

(If you cannot see the video clip, click here.)

Do you have neighbors who always notice everything (to put it nicely)? I do. I live in a townhouse community so I have many neighbors who have plain view of my front and back doors. I do not mind the neighbor who calls and asks if everything is okay when she sees our car hasn't left our parking spot for a couple of days. I know she just cares. I do mind the neighbors who smile and wave at us and then reports us if we let our elderly beagle urinate on the grass just outside our door at midnight a few times a year.

As you noticed, the clip was promoting freshfunds. If you are an Ebay-addict, I believe that you will soon become a freshfunds-addict. It is just like an auction site, except you use points you earn from purchasing specific produce products to bid on great items instead of money out of your pocket. You can also use your points to purchase certain items. I like the adorable lunch tote for 500 Fresh Fund points. It looks like it would be the perfectly-sized canvas tote for my little toddler. Which item would you choose?

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