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Silly Monkey Stories: A Love-Hate Relationship

The other day, Jake experienced eating his first smore. He had watched a cartoon where the 2 bunnies (Max & Ruby) went camping and he already knew what a smore was. He also was positive that I was making them incorrectly because I was suppose to be melting the marshmallows on a stick outside over an open fire instead of in the microwave.

Anyways, when I explained to Jake what the exact ingredients were, he became very eager to try one. He even let me make them the incorrect way without anymore fussing.

Jake was torn about his feelings over smores. Of course he loved the taste of the gooey marshmallows and melted chocolate. He thoroughly enjoyed the extra graham crackers I gave him to scoop up all the drippings. The problem was that he hates to get his hands sticky. He would wipe his hands after each bite and then complain that they still felt sticky. He must have used ten or twelve napkins before I convinced him to just finish the rest of it and then he could just wash his hands at the sink.

Although Jake had such mixed feelings over eating smores, he has since decided to brave having sticky hands again. He agreed to eat another one a couple of nights ago. What a trooper, huh?

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