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Onion-Lovers Rejoice!

Onion-lovers should rejoice because this revolutionary lozenge called antipoleez has the power to eliminate odors on your breath in just 60 seconds. It does not stop at making unwanted food odors disappear though. Antipoleez also eliminates bad breath created by alcohol and tobacco.

This product seems to0 good to be true. It is made of all natural ingredients, no artificial flavors, and does not leave any odor behind in your mouth as a result of its use. Have you heard the buzz about antipoleez on the news? Do you think this product would be as controversial if it had a different name and different packaging?


Personally, I think that this lozenge should be made available to the public, but not under this name and packaging. I also think the advertising should be regulated much like the advertisement of cigarettes. I would love to hear your opinion about whether you think antipoleez should be available to the general public.