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Freebie: Hair Transplantation DVD & Scalp Analysis


My husband is probably going to kill me for writing about this, but I have noticed him inspecting his hairline in the mirror now and then over the past few years. He has good cause to be worried because according to the medical experts at Medical Hair Restoration genetics is the main cause of hair loss. My husband told me that his father's hair loss was quite advanced by the early age of 30. My husband just turned 38 and is nowhere near bald, but his hairline is definitely receding. I know that he has been thinking about what to do when his hair loss reaches a certain level. Should he shave it all off? Should he swallow his vanity and just live with it? Should he seek medical help?

Medical Hair Restoration is offering a great freebie. Just fill out this short form to receive your free educational guide to hair transplantation on CD-Rom. This way you can review the facts in the privacy of your own home. You also can sign up for a free personalized scalp analysis (a $200+ value).

The Medical Hair Restoration is a great resource of information. It helps you separate the facts from the myths of hair loss. It even has a page devoted to women who may be experiencing hair loss or may be concerned about hair loss in the future. And to reassure you that losing your hair can happen to anyone and that hair transplantation has been successful for others, you can watch the videos of celebrities who have restored their hair with the help of MHR. One of those celebrities is Wade Boggs. How do you get cooler than a Hall of Famer?