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Flying in the Year 2008

Lately, I've had flying on the brain. I do not normally think too much about what I have been hearing about airlines cutting back, but my husband recently had to travel on business to a trade show. Also, my parents will be flying out next week to attend a wedding out of state. We just spoke today about what they are allowed to carry on, that they are only allowed one carry-on and how tall that bag can be.

This got me thinking about what else airlines have cut back on. Will my parents have to pay for a soda, a movie, a blanket or a pillow? I was considering giving them one of our travel pillows to use, but it would take up over half the space in their carry-on bag. Then I came across something called the Cabin Cuddler. It is quite innovative how this product combines a pillow and blanket into one.

What mainly intriqued me about the Cabin Cuddler is how unbelievably compact it is in size. It is close to the size of a small handbag. You could easily fit it in your own larger handbag or in your carry-on bag. The secret is the pillow is inflatable. Some other impressive features are that the blanket is contoured to cover your whole body without the extra bulk, there is a pocket for your feet, and the carrying tote reverses into a pillowcase.

My parents had asked me for a nice carry-on for Christmas this year since they are borrowing ours for their trip next week. I am thinking about getting two of these Cabin Cuddlers for them as well. They are only $19.95 each and I can get free Priority Mail shipping when I buy two. There's even the option to have them custom embroidered. Now should I get the black or the red or one of each? Which would you choose?


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