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Contest: Be Featured on Extreme Digital Makeover TV

Digital Makeover TV? What's that?

Well it's something that is probably right up your alley. It's a show hosted by Zoey and Chris (who is quite a character) that teaches people about how to maximize their digital experience. If you are part of the blogging world, then you probably already share digital photos online. That's pretty much where it stops for me. If you're like me, Roxio Extreme Digital Makeover will really open a new world for you.

For example, the episode called "Wedding Day Crunch" taught me how easy it is to take photo prints, digitalize them, and then turn them into a slide show with special effects. Although I've viewed slideshows online before, I only made my first one the other day. Actually, I only figured out how to embed videos into my blog the other day too. It's been a big week for me. ;P

To learn more about this contest, watch this video and then go to Digital Makeover TV and click on "Make Me Over." Basicly, if you have something you need to figure how to do in regards to digital imaging, they can show you how. You might just end up on Roxio Extreme Digital Makeover and win some cool digital prizes too!

Sponsored by Roxio Digital Makeover