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Thursday Thirteen (9th Edition)

Thirteen Reasons Why I Need Therapy

1. Striped toss pillows must all sit with the stripes going vertically on the sofa.
2. Waffles must be cut in similarly-sized pieces along the lines before eating can commence.
3. I must check my store’s sales report before I go to bed at night no matter how late it is.
4. The thought driving causes me much anxiety.
5. I only can rotate in one direction while in the shower.
6. I open all the windows on my computer in the same order every morning.
7. My skin itches when I get stressed out.
8. I have a serious fear of bugs.
9. I have to coordinate my children’s clothing even if they are not leaving the house or having visitors that day. (This one was from my husband.)
10. Dirty dishes need to be stacked in the sink a certain way. (Another one courtesy of my husband.)
11. Shopping gives me a temporary high.
12. I cry at the strangest points during certain movies and it's always the same movies.
13. I have a strange affinity for hugging and squeezing our dogs and cats against their wills.

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