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Thursday Thirteen (8th Edition)

Thirteen Things I Did While My Husband Was Out of Town on Business for 5-1/2 Days

1. I let our 18mos old twins play in the tub during their baths for as long as they wanted.
2. I gave our beagle his medicine everyday.
3. I stayed up until 2am on Tuesday night entering giveaways.
4. I let a few loads of (now very wrinkled) laundry sit unfolded for many days.
5. I started reading the book “Angel: The Casefiles Volume I.
6. I scooped the kitty litter boxes faithfully.
7. I managed to get a refund (with Paypal’s help) from a guy who scammed many people on Ebay.
8. I baked brownies.
9. I realized that I have to keep the living room window mostly shut now because my 18mos old daughter has figured out how to climb up and sit on the windowsill.
10. I folded all of the above-mentioned laundry.
11. I stepped on beagle throw up with my bare feet.
12. I got to take a shower exactly twice.
13. I bought advanced tickets to The Clone Wars movie for Saturday. (Shhhhh . . . my husband doesn’t know. It’s a surprise.)

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