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Thursday Thirteen (7th Edition)

Thirteen Things on My Birthday/Christmas Wishlist

1. An SLR digital camera
2. The Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Seasons 1-7) boxed set
3. A pedometer (A nicer one than the free one I have.)
4. A maid service to deep clean my house once from top to bottom
5. For the housing market to turn around so we can sell our townhouse and move into a more spacious house.
6. A plasma TV (Just a little one. I’m not greedy.)
7. Nestle Crunch Crisp bars
8. Plain white gold hoop earrings
9. Gift cards (To Target, Christmas Tree Shops, Aeropostale, etc . . .)
10. Adding 2 or 3 extra hours onto each day so I have time to get things done and then relax too. (You can handle that, can’t you, Santa?)
11. A puppy (That thud is the sound of my husband hitting the floor after fainting at the thought.)
12. Some new Miracle Bras (Size 32NA, assorted colors)
13. A job for my husband where he doesn’t have to commute so far only to be unappreciated.

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