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Silly Monkey Stories: The Best $3.99 I've Ever Spent!

Let's set the scene. Jake and I just finished having sandwiches for lunch. Nothing special. Then we had the follwoing conversation . . .

Me: Jake do you want to have a little bit of cake now?

Jake: Nuh-uh.

Me: (Surprised) How about some crackers? Do you want some crackers?

Jake: No.

Me: (Still surprised) Um . . . okay then.

Jake: Can I sweep now?

You see, the day before I had picked up this standing dust pan and broom set from the Christmas Tree Shops. I just thought it looked handy plus it was only $3.99 for the set. Little did I know that Jake would fall in love with it.

Jake actually asks to sweep every morning now after breakfast. He is so cute and goes on and on about how it is a very big and important responsibility. Hey, he's not going to get an argument from me. LOL!! In fact, I reward him one Mardi Gras coin (which he can spend in the store I have set up for him in the corner of my bedroom) for each room he decides to sweep. Don't worry, they are very small rooms.

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