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Rub-a-Dub Dub . . . There's a Turkey in the Tub

In our house, my dear husband usually is the one who gives the children their baths in the evenings. Last week, when my husband was away, I had the pleasure of giving them their baths. Well, I should say that it was a pleasure to give Makenzie and Jake their baths. They loved to play with their tub toys and did not fuss at all when it was time for shampooing and rinsing. Luke on the other hand was a total turkey. No really. If you can imagine what a turkey would be like if you tried to give it a bath, that is how Luke behaved. He acted terrified and would not let go of the sides of the little toddler tub. He cried and fussed and would not play with any of the toys. Rinsing was equally as traumatic for him.

Tonight my husband had to work late so I had the job of giving the kiddos their baths. I was pretty much dreading giving Luke his bath. It couldn't be avoided though, so I put him in the lukewarm sudsy water. He immediately grasped the sides of the tub again. I presented him with some colorful nesting cups and a spongy turtle. He just stared at them. I started to wash him because I figured we should just get this over with. Well, about 2/3 of the way through the bath, he let go of the tub with one hand and started to play with the toys. By the end of the bath, he was playing with both hands and even seemed to be enjoying himself. I was pleasantly surprised and let him play for quite a while. When he started to wrinkle up like a prune, I decided that maybe it was time to take him out. Can you guess what Luke did then? . . . He cried to get back in the water. I wish this little turkey would make up his mind!