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Is It Too Early to Be Thinking About Cartier for Christmas?

I say definitely not, especially if you're thinking of giving a gift that's a little more special than socks and underwear. For instance, my husband has long been an admirer of fine watches. I always poke around the internet to see if anyone is offering anything outstanding as far as deals go.

I've found a website devoted to luxury watches. I personally could never invest in a watch for myself, but I certainly would for my husband, who's always eyed watches from TAG Heuer, Omega, Citizen, and Cartier. In fact he owned a Citizen diving watch once, but unfortunately it was damaged while having the battery replaced by a jeweler. That just broke my husband's heart because he loved that watch so much.

There are three things that make me want to shop on this website:

1) They offer discounted prices on a wide variety of watches.
2) They ship all luxury watches for FREE (I love that word) to anywhere in the U.S.
3) They are currently offering a giveaway for a FREE watch or 80% off retail of one watch with your purchase! Click here to read more.

You know how I just mentioned that I would never invest a lot of money in a watch for myself? Well I sure wouldn't mind getting one for free!!! So if you know anyone who is in the market for Gucci, Kenneth Cole, or Cartier watches, check out this webstore. After you pick out one for them, then you can choose one for yourself for free! Here are the ones I have my eye on . . .

The TAG Heur for my husband and the Cartier for me! Which ones would you pick?