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Feeding My Own Addiction

Something new has replaced my shopping addiction . . . signing up for giveaways. I figured it's free except for the time it costs me. Plus I have won several great prizes in the past few months. The problem is that, when there's a huge blog party or carnival going on, I stay up until the wee hours of the morning leaving my comments and visiting various boutiques. That is pretty much the only uninterrupted time I have, so that is when I can enter giveaways most speedily. Don't laugh, but it takes concentration.

Last week I had the brilliant idea of this . . .

Gimme Giveaways is a weekly post containing a Mr. Linky that stays at the top of my new blog A Blog of Goodies. It is a place where anyone who is running a blog giveaway during the specified week is welcome to leave the link to their giveaway post. Gimme Giveaways is brand new and my first post has only been up for three days. Well, there's already forty giveaways linked there. I am thrilled about that!

It's just a side benefit that I don't have to go out looking for giveaways anymore. They are all coming to me! Mwaahaaaahaaaahaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!