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Brush, Snip, Repeat

Meet Zorro . . .

Zorro is one of four cats that live in our crowded little home. The two things I love most about him are his big round green eyes and the fact that he is extremely cuddly. Part of what makes him cuddly is the fact that he is very robust around the middle. Who are we kidding? If Zorro was a human being instead of a cat, he could possibly be a sumo wrestler.

A side-effect of being so tubby cuddly is that he always gets a large patch of matted hair on his lower back above his tail where he cannot reach to groom himself. Well, he recently developed a bad one . . . so bad that my husband and I were considering taking him to a groomer to be shaved.

Last night, Zorro was lying on my bed next to me while I was taking care of some bloggy business. He seemed so relaxed so I figured why not try to get that huge knot out myself. I thought maybe he was feeling subdued enough to not bite me and scratch the heck out of me.

Well, it turns out that I was right. He was a little leary at first, but he let me perform what must have been a very uncomfortable procedure on him. I had to brush the mat until some of it started to pull away. Then I cut a whole chunk of the matted fur off with scissors. Then I worked at the mat with a brush some more and cut off another chunk. After repeating this several times, I was finally able to get all the matted fur off. I could see how happy Zorro was after the last chunk was off.

Since last night, to show his appreciation, Zorro has allowed me to squeeze and cuddle him without his biting me to get away. I took advantage of that several times today. I wonder how long his appreciation will last? I don't care. I'm going to enjoy it for as long as it does.