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A Bloggerhood for Moms & Dads

Have you got flava?
Are you a mom or a dad
with a blog or two?
It's totally free!

Submit your blog's link
then choose a button to grab.
I picked the blue one!

Nice and generous . . .
that MammaDawg is very.
I'm sure you'll agree.

Mom and Dad Bloggerhood

I also wanted to say thank you to MammaDawg! She sponsored a giveaway on MomDot for 2000 Entrecard credits. I was the lucky winner and she was just too nice to me. She threw in 500 extra credits to help me advertise my store, plus gave me so much linky love! So I just wanted to help her spread the word and encourage all the mom and dad bloggers from all around the world to list their blogs on "The Bloggerhood."

To play along or to read more haikus, visit Christina at A Mommy Story.