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Thursday Thirteen (2nd Edition)

Thirteen Things I Do To Help Keep My Sanity
1. Blog
2. Post on my favorite mommies forum
3. Vent to my poor husband (Usually while he’s at work)
4. Take photos of my children (This usually helps me to remember their endearing qualities.)
5. Lock myself in my room and fold laundry
6. Bake
7. Force our cat Zorro to let me hug, squeeze, and pet him (He’s very round and cuddly)
8. Put everything in it’s assigned place. (Gives me a sense of control)
9. Hum or sing softly to myself (Hey, it beats talking to myself!)
10. Make lists (It doesn’t matter what kind. It just helps me to feel like I’m being somewhat organized.)
11. Christmas shop (It’s such a huge task, I do it all year round)
12. Plan happy events like a birthday party (even if it’s 6 months away)
13. Take a nap (It rarely happens, but when it does it sure helps.)
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