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Silly Monkey Stories: What's In a Name?

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Last week, during a trip to Target, we saw several Cabbage Patch Kid dolls on clearance for half price. Although our 18 month old daughter is only just starting to show some nurturing behavior towards the one baby doll that she has, we decided the price was right. It also helped that her face lit up when she saw this one particular doll.

It didn't even occur to us to look at the birth certificate while we were in the store. It is clearly visible in the packaging. Well, it turns out that we really did not care for the doll's name. Luckily there were instructions on how to change a CPK doll's name online and then print out a new birth certificate and a new adoption certificate.

Now the hard part was before us. What was her new name to be? We enlisted our 4.5 year old son Jake to help us since he also seemed to like the doll. Thank goodness he hasn't been jaded by society's idea of gender roles yet. At first, he wanted to name the doll Makenzie after his sister (the adoptive mother of the doll), but we managed to talk him out of that one. Then we asked him who his favorite friend from preschool was who was also a girl. He told us it was a girl named Lily. Now we're getting somewhere.

The next task before us was to choose a middle name for the doll. We asked Jake who his next favorite friend at preschool was who was also a girl. He said it was Kylie. Hmmmmm . . . Lily Kylie. We thought that was too much of a tongue twister for a young mommy to say. So then Jake suggested Dora . . . you guessed it . . . after Dora the Explorer. Lily Dora didn't quite roll off the tongue either. We didn't want to keep shooting down poor Jake's ideas so we took his next suggestion. What do you suppose his suggestion was after Dora? . . . It was BOOTS!

Meet Lily Bootsy. . .

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