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Silly Monkey Stories: Shiny Red Apple (and Ruby Tuesday)

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This week's Silly Monkey Story involves all three of my little monkeys. It all started with this little apple purse. Cute, isn't it? I picked it up at Gymboree while I was redeeming my Gymbucks. I thought it was the perfect size for Makenzie. I just knew she was going to love it.

What I didn't know was that Luke and Jake would love it too. When I presented it to Makenzie, her little face lit up with a huge smile. This did not last long though. As the bag sat in front of Makenzie on the dining table while she ate her breakfast, Jake came, grabbed it, and walked off with it. Kenzie protested with a loud cry. I tried to make Jake understand that it was Makenzie's brand new bag and he can have his turn with it after she's been able to enjoy it for a little while. Even though Jake understood my words, he sulked and complained for quite some time. He just knew that Makenzie was never going to let him have his turn with that wonderful shiny red apple purse.

After breakfast, Makenzie carried her new bag around proudly. Here's where purse snatcher #2 comes along. Luke, who was also eyeing the purse during breakfast, saw his chance. Now commences the tug-o-war match. There was screaming and pulling and more screaming and still more pulling. Meanwhile, on the sidelines, Jake was still going on and on about how he was never going to have his turn with the bag.

I was at a loss. I had to promise Jake that I would look for a plastic lunch box for him and that it could be his own special container to carry around toys. Ultimately, I had to confiscate the little red apple purse. Now it sits on a desk, unused, enjoyed by no one.

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