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PhotoHunt: Support . . . and Some Blog Awards!!!

(Please see the post below this one for my "Project Black" photo.)


Visit to join in or to see more PhotoHunt photos!

Now I have some blog awards to give out!

The following award goes to one of my new favorite bloggers . . .

Laura @ Storytellin' Mama!

Laura, I hope you'll accept this award and pass it along to at least one of your favorite blogs.

More about The Addictive Blog Award

Everyone please drop by Laura's blog to congratulate her!

The next recipients (there are 10) are for an award bestowed upon me by the first ever recipient of "The Addictive Blog Award" Sandy from Momisodes. Thank you, Sandy!! I am so honored that you thought of me for this award.

I would like to pass along the "Must See Blog Award" to the following bloggers . . .

(In alphabetical order)
  1. Alisha of Izzy 'n' Emmy
  2. Angela of Mommy Bytes
  3. Dong Ho of Dong Ho's Byaheng Noyp
  4. Marylin of A Little Space For Me
  5. Melli of Insanity Prevails
  6. Mishelle (Mishi) of Secret Agent Mama
  7. Quilly of Quilly's Pacific Paradise
  8. Rachel of From the Land of Monkeys & Princesses
  9. Robert of Thoughts of a Father
  10. Toni of A Tale of Two Kiddies

If you've never stopped by any of these blogs, I highly recommend that you do. All these people blog with style and personality.

About the Must See Blog award: This award was created for blogs that cannot be missed. Whether you secretly lurk, always comment, or frequently check in to see what’s new, these are blogs that must be tuned into regularly.

How to pass it on: Pick 10 blogs that you can’t help but visit often. The ones you consider a “Must See Blog.” Announce the winners on your blog with links to the recipients as well as who originally gave you the award.

Thanks for taking the time to visit me today!