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Okay, Now You're Going to Think I'm Obsessed

The buzz continues about Zenni Optical. Follow this link to see what The Clark Howard Show has to say about them:

As, I've mentioned before, I am set on purchasing my and my husband's next pairs of eyeglasses from this website. So the shopping addict in me started to browse today even though we're not due for new glasses just yet.

The person who would benefit most from getting such great prices on eyeglasses is my husband. He is the king of the bent frames and the "oops, I scratched my lens with a screw driver and almost poked my eye out" incidents and is just plain rough on his glasses. I am leaning towards the frames pictured below for him because he favors classic more conservative frames. These frames are only $23.95 and come in five different color choices. Plus they are made out of a bendable memory titanium and hopefully will be a little more forgiving than just basic metal frames.

These are the ones I have my eye on for myself. They are very similar to the black/cream ones I have now, but I really love the burgundy. They come with a polarized magnetic snap on, which I'm totally excited about. I've never had clip-on sunglasses before and have always wanted to try them. These frames sell for only $29.95 and, although they aren't specifically marked as okay for bifocals, the drop down menu does show progresseves as one of its choices. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Thank you to Zenni Optical for sponsoring this post.