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A Game of Nighttime Whack-a-Mole!

Yesterday, we worked our butts off to rearrange the kids' room so that we could transition the twins (now 17mos old) from cribs to toddler beds. We had their new beds pushed together, but they were still somewhat separated by the built-in railings near the top half of the beds. Then we surrounded the beds with a play yard, leaving them just enough room to walk around the beds.

So how did it go on their first night in their new beds, you might be wondering? Well, at first they seemed as if there was no hope of their going to sleep. It appeared as if all they wanted to do was crawl on their beds, stand on their beds, climb in and out of their beds . . . basically they thought they had a new jungle gym.

Eventually though, they did tire themselves out. I laid them back down on their pillows and tucked them under their blankets. Then they fell asleep. What a sweet picture it was. Unfortunately, this did not last. I would say that I got up at least 6 times and my husband a minimum of 3 times to lay them back down in their beds. What would happen is that one would wake up and cry thus waking up the other.

It wouldn't have been so bad if we just had to get up from a deep sleep just to lay one child back down, but that's not the way it went. I'd go over to the twin that was sitting up and I would give he or she a kiss and lay them back down in their little bed. As soon as I got that one down, the other twin would sit up. Then when I got that one down, the other one was back up again! It's a good thing that I'm pretty good at Whack-a-Mole!