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Goodbye To Our Beloved Companion

Good-bye little friend.
Our Chihuahua Chi-Chi,
he left us today.

He had a big heart
for a tiny little dog,
but it was unwell.

Our defender once
so strong, fearless, and loyal
grew so frail and weak.

Here is our Chi-Chi
giving welcoming kisses
to newly born Jake.

One year on Christmas
all dressed up in jingle bells.
What a handsome sight!

His favorite spots
were in and under his bed.
Good-bye little friend.
~July 3rd, 2008~

Thank you for reading this and helping us say good-bye to our beloved little dog. Although we are not sure how old he actually was, we adopted him 9 years ago. We suspect he was abused, but he soon relaxed and let us love and care for him. He was fearless for a tiny dog and would have taken on a mountain lion to defend our family and home. That is what I will remember the most about him . . . that and his enormous heart that allowed him to love each member of our family unconditionally.

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