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Foodshot Sundays Contest and Project Black: Take Four

"Little Devils"

I would like to extend a big thank you to Ladynred for honoring me with the award below for my FoodShot Sundays entry from last week! I don't think she knows what an award like this means to an amateur like me. To join in go to FoodShot Sundays Photography.


Here is my fourth installment for "Project Black." This isn't just any fabric. It is a shot of my favorite duvet cover. I loved it so much that I purchased two of them. It is heavy enough to use alone during the warm months and has held up very well over the years against children climbing on it, dogs drooling on it, and cats kneading on it.

To join in or to see meet more Project Black participants, go to Anna Carson Photography. Thanks so much for stopping by to view my photos today!