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Cute and Easy Hanging Hair Clip Holder

Look at what I made! What do you mean what is it? It's a hair bow/ hair clip holder to hang in Makenzie's room. It was so easy to make, I just had to share the simple instructions. I've seen these on boutique-type websites selling for $25 and up. I'm going to tell you how to make one yourself for much less.

Step 1: I bought everything I needed in Walmart's crafts department. The wooden initial (they come in natural or primed in white), the prepainted wooden flower (there were lots of other fun things to choose from), and a roll of ribbon (just under 1" wide) only cost me about $6 or $7 altogether. I made sure that the wooden accent and the ribbon I chose coordinated well with each other.

Step 2: I sanded the initial down and then my husband painted it with a single coat of white paint we had left over from painting the trim in our house (wasn't that nice of him?). You could leave the initial as is for a more rustic distressed look.

Step 3: After the paint had completely dried (it only took about an hour and a half even though it was extremely humid today) I glued the wooden flower on with regualr white Elmer's glue. It held really well and dried clear.

Step 4: Next I determined how long I wanted the pieces of ribbon to be on which the bows would be clipped. Then I cut two pieces of ribbon straight across in the desired length.

Step 5: I then folded one end of each ribbon over and secured it with the glue. If I had to do it all over again, I probably would have used fabric glue or something else. The white glue did not adhere the ribbon well to itself until I held it in place for quite some time with my fingers. Also, even though it dried clear, it still looked wet (as you can see in the second photo).

Step 6: Next I secured one strip of ribbon with the top side of the ribbon facing the back side of the initial. I overlapped the ribbon with the bottom of the initial about 3" just to make sure it was secure. The white Elmer's glue did a great job holding the ribbon to the wood. Then I did the same thing with the second strip of ribbon, making sure that both ribbons hung down evenly at the bottom (instead of one looking longer than the other).

That's it! Once the glue was dry, I was able to test out the hair bows on it. They stayed in place wonderfully! I was so thrilled. I am very happy with the way it came out. I see a little paint I need to scrape off along the edges near the backside, but other than that I am very pleased with it since I've not done many wood crafts in the past.

If you have any tips for me, I'm open to any suggestions. Oh, and I have lots of ribbon left over to make other things to coordinate. I was thinking of trimming the lampshade of a white stick lamp or maybe trimming a picture frame. If I do end up doing either of those projects, I'll be sure to post photos.

Thanks for visiting with me today!