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Co-Blogification (I Know, I'm Just Making Up Words Now)

Since I am trying to write more product, website, and service reviews and am interested in writing some sponsored posts, I began to play with the idea of creating a second blog. My biggest doubt about this was the extra stress of maintaining a second blog successfully. Well, I came up with the idea of co-authoring the blog with my husband. He had started his own blog long before I ever started this one, but it was slowly forgotten about amongst the busy mayhem that is his life. Lucky for me, he was very open to the idea. So that is how the blog His News . . . Her Reviews was born.

My husband, who is dubbed "the Gripemaster" likes to write about the news and current events in a satirical manner. I am very excited to have started this new blog with him. We've created some great things together . . . 3 adorable children and Hopefully, we'll be able to add this blog to that list.

We don't have much content yet, but we're working on that. I hope you all will stop by to say "hello!"