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A Vocabulary Lesson

The twins are just about 16 months old now. I've been noticing that they had started to pick up several new words, especially Luke who seems to say a new word almost everyday now. I thought I would post a list along with the translations for our friends and family.

Things Makenzie can say . . .

kah = cat

Mama = MumMum

Baba = Baba (daddy in Chinese)

Ahjay = Jake

berr = bird

dare = there

Things Luke can say . . .

MumMum = MumMum

Baba = Baba

seewal = cereal

dawh = dog

dwop = drop

heeygo = Here you go.

boohm = go boom (fall down)

dowit = throw it

bip = bib

Ith = Goliath (his toy lion)

gup = cup

Zawwo = Zorro (our cat)

Rhrrrrrr = vroom

pawp = poop

dinkhoo = thank you

thissss = this

all dun = all done

bah = book

bawh = ball

As you can see, Luke can say a lot more than Makenzie at the moment. I don't doubt that this will change soon. The pattern seems to be that Luke will start to do something new and just about when he has almost mastered it, Makenzie will start to do it and master it right away.