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Thursday Thunks: What Kind of Me Would I Be?

The question of the week is If you were not the you you are now, what kind of you would you be?

This is a very difficult question to answer since I cannot even remember what it felt like not to be a mother. I suppose the easiest way for me to answer this is to list out things that are the opposite of what I AM today.

If I were not who I am today, . . .

  • I would be single and without any children.
  • I would be a DM for some national retail chain.
  • I would be well-off financially, living in an apartment-style condo, and traveling anywhere I wish throughout the year.
  • I would own a compact SUV instead of a minivan.
  • I would probably have a severe addiction to shopping (rather than a minor one).
  • I would feel a sense of emptiness when I saw families out and about spending time together.
  • I would probably belong to a gym, Netflix, and take adult enrichment classes.
  • I would not have any dogs, cats, parakeets, or a turtle. Instead I would own a boa constrictor and a tarantula (so I guess that would mean I would not have a mind-numbing fear of insects either).
  • I would be very vain and materialistic.
  • I would enjoy slapstick and horror movies.
  • I would be able to read a long novel from cover to cover in one week without falling asleep once.
  • I would not find art & design interesting at all, but would love to discuss quantum physics.
  • I would be able to enjoy alcoholic beverages without falling asleep.
  • I would be able to remember everything I had to do without entering everything into my laptop's calendar.
  • I would not get stressed out if everything was not in its proper place.
  • I would have been able to type this post without getting interrupted 15 or 16 times.

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