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Silly Monkey Stories: Literally Silly

The story I want to share today took place in January of 2006. Jake had just turned two years old then. The photo in the center is what he looked like at 24 months. The others show what my ever-so-silly little monkey looks like today.

(Click on any photo to enlarge)

Jake and I were getting ready to play with his Mega Bloks Fast Tracks set. It's a toy with which you can build a course for the Tiny 'n' Tuff cars by placing ramps in various places.

So he started handing me one piece of ramp at a time. To do this he had to walk all the way to the tub by the wall and walk all the way back to me in the center of the living room floor. I then asked him, "Why don't you just push all the pieces over?" His answer to this was, "Oh, MAN!" Then I watched him go over to the bin by the wall, pick up another piece of ramp, then put it on the floor and proceeded to push it across the floor over to where I was sitting. It suddenly became clear to me that he had intended to push each ramp piece, which weighed about an ounce each, over to me individually.

I wanted to laugh so badly, but I didn't want to hurt his feelings. I had to leave the room quickly because I couldn't hold it in much longer. Once I was out of sight, I doubled over in laughter.

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