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Silly Monkey Stories: Forgive and Forget

The first Silly Monkey Story I share is going to be a classic Jake story. My husband and I probably have told it twenty or thirty times to various people. Jake is almost 4-1/2 presently, but this story takes us back about two years prior.

One day, a 2-1/2 year old Jake was eating one of his favorite foods . . . a sandwich. It was a ham sandwich to be exact. Our beagle Buddy was and still is extremely fond of ham sandwiches. So he waited and waited until Jake held his piece of sandwich a little bit too low and then he mugged him. Yup! Took the sandwich right out of Jake's hand. Jake was extremely upset at Buddy.

Another day soon after this incedent, we were completing a purchase in a store when all of a sudden we hear, "Buddy's a bad boy." Well, it turned out that it was Jake talking to the young lady that was helping us check out. He had a very stern and serious look on his face. The rest of the conversation went like this:

"Who's Buddy? Is he your dog?"

Jake nods his head.

"Why is Buddy a bad boy?"

"Buddy took MY sandwich!"

From that day forward, Jake would start the same conversation with everyone and anyone who would listen, whether we were at the supermarket, the mall, or the pediatrician's office. The conversation would always progress exactly the same way and Jake would have the same stern look on his face. This went on for at least two and a half weeks.

I'm thinking Jake probably inherited his inability to let things go from me. Even though he stopped bringing up the sore subject of Buddy and his ham sandwich eventually, I doubt he ever really forgave Buddy for taking it.

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