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Project Blue: Take Seven (2008 Lego Building Event)

For the 7th installment of Project Blue, I wanted to share photos from the Lego Building Event at our local mall which started today. This is the second year that Jake participated in this event. Last year they built a gigantic model of Yoda and this year it's R2D2.

How it works is that people come and help build blocks of Legos that are the equivalent to one regular life-size Lego. See the photo of the prototype R2D2? The huge model will be built to scale (1 block to 1 Lego). I have included a shot of the guys working on the larger model. After each person contributes at least one block made of Legos, they get a certificate with their name on it that says they participated. (Doh! I forgot to take a photo of the certificate.)

Regular-sized model of R2D2.

The beginnings of the ginormous model of R2D2.

Jake making his contribution according to the instruction sheet.

Hopefully, like last year, we will be able to go back after Sunday to see the finished product. I'm sure Jake will be wow'd by it. Don't forget to visit Anna's blog to see more Project Blue photos. Thanks for visiting with me!