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Performance Art

You may be wondering why I call this "performance art." Well, I just thought that my 4yr old son "performed" very well when it came to writing his name, his little brother's name, and the word "Baba" (which means "Daddy" in Chinese). In fact, he has been writing those three words quite often lately. I'm thinking that "Mommy" and "Makenzie" are a little intimidating due to their lengths. Hopefully, someday I will see my name carefully printed out in colorful letters by Jake.

By the way, this was his first attempt at using his new Crayola Watercolor Pencils, which comes with 8 pre-sharpened colored pencils and one watercolor paintbrush. I think he did great considering the recommended age on this product is for 8yrs old and up. I thought he would do okay since he really enjoys his paint-with-water coloring books.

Thanks for stopping in to read about what made me smile today! Hope everyone is having a great week so far.