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Make the World a Better Place With These Two Freebies

These are two very cool freebies! I rarely post freebies on my blog, but I make exceptions now and then.

We all know how important Amber Alerts are! You cannot argue that the speed in which an Amber Alert reaches the public and the percentage of that public that is reached has a direct effect on how fast a missing child is found. Well, why not have FREE Amber Alerts sent right to your mobile phone? My husband and I both signed up for this free service recently.

So far we have received one Amber Alert via our mobile phones. The alert includes a description of the all important factors (the child, a possible suspect, a vehicle, etc . . . ). Although most Amber Alerts are statewide, you can specify which zip codes you are most interested in receiving alerts for. Visit the Wireless Amber Alerts FAQ page for more details.

The next freebie I wanted to blog about is offered by In the name of safer driving for the greater public, they offer FREE headsets for 20 different brands of mobile phones. All you have to do is pay for the shipping costs. Below is the selection of headsets that were available for my husband's phone model. I was quite surprised to see that there was a choice. My husband opted for the first one and our shipping cost was $3.94. This website uses Google Checkout.

We received a shipping confirmation a couple of days later, which said we should receive our item within 10 business days. I also read on their website that they do ship anywhere in the world at no additional cost!

Hope you are able to take advantage of one or both of these cool freebies! Thanks for taking the time to read about them.