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"Dripstiks" Are Summertime Must-Haves!

I forget what I was searching for online, but I stumbled across this wonderful invention as a result of that search. These are called Dripstiks . . . a 2-in-1 item. One end is designed to hold any food on a popsicle stick while the other end holds an ice cream sugar cone. The built-in bowls are wide enough to catch all the popsicle drips that result from a preschooler (and I'm not naming any names) who is the slowest popsicle eater on the planet. They are not so wide, however, that they would be considered too bulky or clumsy. They also stand steadily on a flat surface, which solves the problem of requiring someone to hold your ice cream for you while you run to the bathroom.

I highly recommend this item for children of all ages (and even for messy adults). I purchased mine on Ebay, but they are available on several different websites, including Oh, did I mention that they are dishwasher safe?!!