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Weekend Plans

Haiku Friday

Just four days to go
before my treatment and then
isolation starts.

Trying to prepare
the best we possibly can
for the ten long days.

Making to-do lists,
buying tons of prepared foods,
and scheduling help.

As I had mentioned in this previous post, I am going to undergo radioactive iodine treatment for my Grave's disease (hyperthyroidism). So starting on Tuesday, May 6th, I will not be able to go within 8ft of my children for 10 days and then I will not be able to hold them to me for another 4 days after that. I will not be able to be near my husband or our pets for more than just a brief moment for the first 7 days.

I admit that I am a little nervous that I will go stir crazy. I know I'll love not having diapers to change and dishes to do for the first few days, but what happens after that? To help us get through this strange time, we have set up webcams so that I can see my husband and children, and they in turn will be able to see me. I have made a looooooooooooong list of things to do to keep myself busy . . . both productive things and leisurely things. When you think about it, this may be the only vacation I'll get for a few years. I might as well make the best of it, right?

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