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Tomorrow Is the Last Day

Tomorrow is the last day I will have with my children before I receive the radioactive iodine treatment. Then it's 10 days without going within 8ft of them.

I'm particularly worried about how my 4yr old son is going to handle this. I've explained to him several times exactly what is going to happen and showed him how many days on the calendar. He seems to understand the logistics of everything. I have pointed out all the perks of the 10 days to him. His father is going to bunk with him in his bed for 10 nights, he gets to have his father home from work for 10 whole days, he gets to sleep over his favorite cousins house for one weekend, we will get to talk to each other through the cool webcam, etc . . .

He was acting a little clingy before bed tonight though. I told him that we will play anything he wants after breakfast tomorrow. Plus I stayed up and built this to surprise him.

I hope he likes it and enjoys adding the final touches himself. Perhaps it will create a happy memory for him before this difficult time begins.

Thanks for taking the time to read this!