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Silly Monkey Stories (Tuesday Meme)

This weekly blog meme called "Silly Monkey Stories" takes place on Tuesdays. I came up with this as a way for bloggers to celebrate the children in their lives. It is a great way to give your readers a glimpse into your life and to meet new bloggers from all around the world (plus it gives you something to blog about). My post containing Mr. Linky will auto post at 12:01am EST every Tuesday.

Definition of "A Silly Monkey Story":

a) Your post can be about any child in your life, not just your own (i.e. a grandchild, a niece/nephew, a neighbor, a student, etc . . . )

b) Your post can be a photo with a caption or blurb, a photo with a story, or simply a story without a photo.

c) Your post should be about something this child (age 0-17) did that made you smile, laugh, shake your head, or roll your eyes. You get the idea, right? It can be about something recent or something that happened in the past.

How to Play:

1) Make a "Silly Monkey Story" post on your blog on Tuesday, include one of the graphics below in your blog (and one on your sidebar if you wish), and link back to this page in your blog post.

2) Leave a comment on my "Silly Monkey Story" post.

3) Sign in on Mr. Linky with the URL to your "Silly Monkey Story" post (not the URL to your main blog page).

4) Go visit the participants' blogs. Read and comment about all their silly little monkeys.


Please use the graphic below on your sidebar and in your blog posts.


Thanks for reading about "Silly Monkey Stories!" I hope you join in and invite other bloggers to do so as well.