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Pregnancy, TTC & Breastfeeding

I started a new maternity collection for a couple of weeks ago and I finally had some time to go back and work on it further. I wouldn't say that the line is finished by any means, but I had enough to add the section to my store. Here is a small sample . . .

"One Silly Little Monkey on the Way!"
Maternity Tee
(Also available for twins)

"One Silly Little Monkey On Bored!"
Maternity Tee
(Also available for twins)

"You Me & Baby Makes Three!"

Maternity Tee

(Available in several logo color choices)

"Thinkin' Blue" TTC T-Shirt

(Also available for Pink)

"Leave them ALONE!
Breastfeeding Tee

Thanks so much for letting me show off a few of my new designs!