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Party in the Park

While I spent a few hours at the mall with the twins today, my husband took Jake to a fellow-preschooler's birthday party at a local park. It was a beautiful day for it. Jake had so much fun. They had pizza, bubbles, sidewalk chalk, and a pinata hung from the basketball hoop. Jake made the swing that knocked the pinata to the ground. I always knew he had quite a swing! I had many more photos but did not want to post photos of the other children on the internet.

On a side note, it was the first time I have been able to leave the house in almost two weeks. The twins had their first soft pretzel today . . . sour cream and onion with no salt. It was really nice spending some leisurely time with them. Did I ever mention that the doctor gave me a card to carry stating that I am allowed to be radioactive, so that I don't get arrested for being a terrorist or something?