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Little Boy . . . Big Heart

Recently, I started a new routine where I would take each twin before their afternoon nap and we would sit alone on their 4yr old brother's bed and read. With 3 children, it is quite difficult for us to have one on one time with each child. This guarantees the twins a few minutes each day of undivided attention.

Anyways, today I was reading on Jake's bed with Makenzie when Chunky Monkey caught her eye. She immediately picked him up and started to cuddle and hug him. This was a special doll that Jake use to hold to sleep. When I told him how Makenzie fell in love with Chunky Monkey, Jake generously said that she could have him because he was just the right size for his little sister. I was so impressed at how he was willing to share his special doll with his sister. He's such a little boy, but what a big heart he has!

"Look what my big brother gave me!"

The best nap ever.

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