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Keeping Busy (Day 9 of 10)

Today was the 9th day after my radioactive iodine treatment. I only have one day of isolation left. I am both happy and sad. I'm happy obviously because I miss my children terribly and I am going a little stircrazy. I am sad because I didn't get to accomplish as much as I thought I would and also I can only imagine the state of the house right now. LOL!!

I started off the day with making a prize siggy for the photo contest I run on SuperMoms World. Then I spent quite a while trying to look around in the MommyFest Blog Party. I can't believe it is half over and I've only gotten to visit a small fraction of the participating blogs.

The wonderful thing about today is that my cat Zorro stayed with me on my bed all day. He may have left for 5 minutes for a snack and litter box break, but that was it. I wanted to hug him and squeeze him so badly, but I still cannot hold anyone against the front base of my neck.

"Zorro "

I tried to be extra productive this afternoon and evening. I paid the bills (fun! fun! fun!!) and then I made some new Silly Little Monkey designs plus I started a new maternity line. Hopefully, I will finish them tomorrow and get them up in my store.

Thanks for visiting with me!!