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Keeping Busy (Day 8 of 10)

Today is the 8th day following my radioactive iodine treatment. It may sound crazy, but I just realized today that I only have two more days left to get things done that I wouldn't normally have time to do. So I put it into high gear and got my new wedding-wear line up on I really like how it came out. The whole line is coordinated so that the entire wedding party will match. Here is a small sample . . .

"ur2l8 . . . I'm taken!"

"hottie . . . a.k.a. the bride's maid"

Strappy Tank


thong panties

"STUD . . . a.k.a. the groom-to-be"

Fitted T-Shirt

"Lil STUD . . . a.k.a. the ring bearer"

Infant Onesie

Enough with business talk! I have to say I was thrilled that since I was able to leave the door to my bedroom open this morning, I have not been alone for more than 5 minutes. There was always at least one dog or a cat with me.

Oh, and I did my fingers and my toes for the first time in over a year. Also, I finally installed some recipe software I had received for Christmas on my laptop. Hopefully, I will be able to enter a recipe here and there after my 10 days is over.