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Keeping Busy (Day 5 of 10)

Saturday was the 5th day following the radioactive iodine treatment. Just 2 more days until I can leave my bedroom door open, my husband can sit and have a conversation with me, and the dogs and cats will be allowed to come in to visit me. Can you tell that I'm counting the minutes?

This morning my 4yr old son left to spend the weekend with my cousin and her family. I am so glad for him to have a distraction instead of hanging around here waiting for things to go back to normal. The same thing goes for the twins. They spent the afternoon at my sister's and brother-in-law's house. I am so thankful my husband got a short break, although he spent it going into work. He is doing such a great job, but I bet he was ready to have some time away from the children.

I was finally able to finish the new section in my Cafe Press Shop, which contains personalized Silly Little Monkey birthday t-shirts, onesies, bibs, sweatshirts, and teddy bears available in hundreds of names. I am so relieved that it is done for the moment since I started it months ago. It will never be completely done because there will always be more names to add. I am even going to take requests since there is an endless list of names, not to mention so many spelling variations. As I was finishing up today, I noticed that I had left out some extremely common names, like Mary and Peter. Ooops! That is a project for another day though.

Oh, and how did I celebrate my finally finishing my project? I folded five loads of laundry. LOL!! After I get a few more things done, I will be able to relax a little more.