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Keeping Busy (Day 4 of 10)

Okay, I'm not going to gripe about how all day I gave up posting on SuperMoms World, reading more Haikus, making my usual blog rounds, checking in on Twitter, etc . . . only to not finish my Cafe Press project by now. I still have over 170 variations to add to this new section.

I want to talk about something that made me so happy today. When I came out of the bathroom this afternoon, my daughter was awake from her nap. She was standing in her crib inside her bedroom grinning from ear to ear and seemed so happy to see me. The bathroom is at least 10 ft away from her crib, so I was able to stay there for a little while talking to her. We danced, made funny faces, and giggled. I even taught her how to blow a kiss. I little dose of my sweet baby girl was just what I needed to help take the edge off missing my children so much.