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Keeping Busy (Day 3 of 10)

After the rain and clouds cleared away, it turned out to be a nice afternoon. My husband took the kids outside for some fresh air. I was able to wave to them from the window and watch them for a bit. My husband snapped some pictures for me, so I could see my children up close.

Since I stopped taking my medication in April, my symptoms have been reappearing . . . heart palpatation (even though I'm on heart medication), muscle weakness, trembling limbs, heat intolerance, etc . . . Now we can add insomnia to the list. To distract myself, I plugged away at my project for my Cafe Press shop all afternoon and evening. Sadly I did not finish it. I have no doubt that I will definitely finish it by tomorrow afternoon though. Who knows, maybe I'll have trouble sleeping again and I'll decide to work through the night? We'll see . . .