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I Miss My Furbabies!

This is my first week participating in Cats on Tuesday hosted by Gattina. I had wanted to participate in the past, but never seemed to have the time. Since I just had my radioactive iodine treatment this morning and am confined to my room for 10 days, I have a little extra time.

These are photos of my cats that I've posted on my blog in the past. I thought I would introduce them formally. I am going to miss them terribly over the next 7 days. That is how long I have to wait until I can be in close proximity of them again. They've been trying to break into the bedroom throughout the day because they just can't understand why the door is shut, keeping them from their favorite nap spot.




Thanks for taking the time to meet my kitty cats! I am going to be keeping a blog journal about how I am keeping myself busy for these 10 days, so please come back and visit! I could use the company!!