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First Haircut

Makenzie got her first haircut today. Her hair was not particularly long, but it was so uneven. What's worse than a mullet on a 16mos old girl? . . . HALF a mullet on a 16mos old girl!!!

We took her to our local Snip-its where they specialize in haircuts for children. She even got this certificate for being so brave for her first haircut and they saved some locks of hair for us.

I was extremely surprised at how well Makenzie did. She normally doesn't even hold her head still long enough for me to put a hairclip in her hair. She did look around a little bit, but she did not fuss at all.

The hairdresser even give her a tiny little bow! Again, I was amazed that she sat still long enough for the stylist to put an elastic in her hair and then tie a ribbon around it.

VOILA!!! Here are the final results! Doesn't she look pretty?

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