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What Was Great About Tuesday?

There were two things that were really great about Tuesday! The first thing was that Jake broke a board in taekwon do class today. That's not the great thing though. He's broken many boards since he started studying TKD at the ripe age of 3. Jake, who is now 4, is still the youngest member in his class. All the other students could break their boards in 1 or 2 attempts. It always took Jake 3 or 4 attempts before his board would break. Today, he broke his board on the 2nd try just like the big kids. He was so proud and so was my husband who had accompanied him to class.

The second thing that was so great about Tuesday was my trip to Gymboree. There is a young woman who works there that remembers me from when the twins were still in the NICU 15 months ago. I always stop to talk to her everytime I go into Gymboree to shop. Well, it seemed like a particularly slow day business-wise for them today. I was looking for a particular size in a sale item and she offered to go check in the back for me. She surprised me by returning with her stash of clearance items from last summer. All the items were brand new with the tags on and I have no idea why these items were stored away because they would sell in a heartbeat if they were on the salesfloor. The prices were reduced considerably. Anyways, she let me pick through the pile of clothing and then she checked the price of each item for me. I ended up spending $69.79 for 26 items!!! Here is a small sample of what I found . . .

Top ($4.99, Reg. $16.50)
Skort ($0.99, Reg. $22.50)

Sunglasses ($0.99, Reg. $9.50)

Top ($2.99, Reg. $19.50)

Tank ($3.99, Reg. $22.50)

Socks ($0.99, Reg. $6.00)

Thanks for reading about my terrific Tuesday!